The Awakening of AI – At the borders of the Virtual

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Pablo Miranda, the treasurer of the Portuguese subsidiary of a French group, is found dead at the base of the Statue of the Defense of Paris. A young financier of the same group, recruited just a few days earlier, disappears.

Fake invoices, the discovery of a disturbing element during the autopsy, threats.

The investigation will take on proportions that go beyond the mere interests of the industrial group when forensic police technicians bring to light data that should never have been disclosed.

How far will the threat go?

Will artificial intelligence (AI) and state interests be able to coexist?

A novel co-written with ChatGPT.

Eric Howsam is a jack-of-all-trades, having worked in various roles: management controller, computer scientist, financier, and founder of his own management consulting firm.

A lover of great literature, he also navigates through the tumultuous pages of detective novels.



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